Some LDPL operations may fail when executed. Maybe you tried LOADing a file that wasn't there or getting the ASCII value of a multi-byte emoji. These operations make use of the ERRORCODE and ERRORTEXT variables to tell you if they ran successfully or not.

The ERRORCODE and ERRORTEXT variables come declared by default. Some statements may modify their values to express their results.

The ERRORCODE variable is a NUMBER variable. It will hold the value 0 if the statement ran successfully and any other number if it did not.

The ERRORTEXT variable is a TEXT variable that will be empty if the statement ran successfully. If it did not, it will store a human readable description of what went wrong.

ERRORCODE and ERRORTEXT can be read and written like any other LDPL variable.

When handling ERROR checks, please bear in mind that the content of the ERRORTEXT variable may change in future releases of LDPL. The value stored in ERRORCODE, however, will not change and so that's the value that should be used to check whether an operation ran successfully or not.