As stated in Structure of LDPL Source Code, LDPL programs are divided in two sections, one of them being the DATA section, the other being the PROCEDURE section. The PROCEDURE section is where all the code of a LDPL program that is not a variable declaration is written. A LDPL program must contain a PROCEDURE section, even if it's empty. Compilation will fail otherwise. If your program consists of multiple LDPL source files, each file must have its own PROCEDURE section.

Within the PROCEDURE section, every line can contain either a comment, a statement, a statement and a comment or be empty. No two statements can be written on the same line.

#A comment
STORE 5 IN myVariable
STORE 6 IN myOtherVariable #A statement and a comment

Available statements will be explained further in the following sections of this document.

Code within the PROCEDURE section is executed from top to bottom, skipping SUB-PROCEDURE sections, unless explicitly called.