Using the LDPL Compiler

To use LDPL, you should first download or compile the LDPL compiler.

To use the compiler, you must have a C++ compiler already installed on your system and have mapped it to c++, found on your PATH. The LDPL Compiler compiles LDPL code to C++ code and thus this is a requirement for it to work.

  • If you want to download a compiled binary: download the latest stable release available. You should then move the binary to a folder on your PATH.

  • If you want to build LDPL yourself: first, clone this repository. Then make and make install LDPL in the src folder. This will install LDPL and the LDPL documentation (man ldpl) on your system. LDPL requires only C++11 to compile.

When you are done installing LDPL, write some LDPL source code, say source.ldpl. Then compile the source code using ldpl source.ldpl. The compiled, executable binary file will be saved as ldpl-bin. Done! For more info on the compiler run ldpl -h. Example code can be found on the LDPL website.

Please note that Windows support has been dropped as of LDPL 4.0.